Planned Milestones

The following milestones are the general guidelines we're using to make our way to the first version. This document will likely change on a regular basis as we continue to evolve our plan of attack.

Experimental Code [COMPLETE - 08/22/2013]

  • Functional connection code for IPv4 and IPv6 on Windows
  • Functional connection code for IPv4 and IPv6 on Linux
  • Basic command parsing (breaking up by command number, name)

Refactoring 1

  • Single connection class for Linux and Windows on separate thread
  • Server class
  • Command class
  • User class

Refactoring 2

  • Event system
  • Single Modesto class/object for managing connections and events

Dynamic Libraries

  • Windows dynamic library code (runtime inclusion)
  • Linux shared library code (runtime inclusion)

Service Code

  • Windows service code
  • Linux service (nohup) code

Dynamic Libraries

  • Runtime Library class for both Win/Linux runtime libraries

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